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 Aarong: A Brand of Culture

Aarong is an aesthetic brand specialising in Bengali ethnic wear and handicrafts. Numerous rural artisans are employed nationwide by it. It currently operates through 21 outlets in 9 Bangladeshi metropolitan cities.

Aarong was founded in 1978 by BRAC, a non-profit development organization to support numerous rural craft makers in vocational training centres (Dhaka and Rajshahi). Aarong is famous for its high standard and traditional retail industrial decorations. From just one store within 30 years, Aarong has grown into one of the best retail chains in Bangladesh. From household items to gifts and accessories, Aarong is meticulously honoured throughout the supply chain of all raw materials and products.

The ethnic brand has supported about 65,000 artisans around 25 retail stores with fair terms of trending fashion and lifestyles. Aarong has partnered up with many leading standardized brands to provide productive craft works, clay pots, and silk-fabric works inspired by the iconic style and culture of a small number of rural women. For specializing in Bengali culture and traditions, Aarong is now the top industrial department store in Bangladesh. The famous tagline of Aarong is ‘Come Back to Nature’.

A Brief History of Aarong

In the year 1976, by identifying and experimenting with different crafts that women are fond of, Ayesha Abed (late wife of Sir Fazle Abed) and also the founder of BRAC (NGO) discovered various Bengali-classy products like baskets, mats, Nakshi Katha, items made of bamboo, jute, cane. Before the establishment of Brac, there were various Bengali-styled local crafts that were sold at home. So, a particular place was needed where they could sell products. So they started with an outlet called Aarong. The most important step part of Aarong started in 1978 when its own retail outlet was opened by Brac as a project titled ‘Village Fair’. In 1980, they opened their own distribution centre named ‘Village Fair’ for achieving this goal.

Aarong Eid Collections and Sales

For women, men and kids Aarong always provide various dress collections on behalf of the Eid Festival. Colourful and numerous design sarees, kurta, pants, Panjabi, fabrics, shoes, and accessories are the major products that do high marketing. Aarong always gives easy facilities for the customers to sell various products at a good price. Besides dresses, various gifts/crafts, and beauty products are being offered.

Market Share of Aarong

If it comes to market sharing, Aarong stands on top. In Bangladesh, Aarong has already reached up to 175th in which the annual revenue has crossed up to $200.0M-$1.0B.Besides the current visiting of ‘Aarong Page is getting a good ranking position. Within the last three months, the retail marketing position has reached thrice than the previous years as ‘Aarong’ is giving huge facilities in hiring a professional and experienced temporary employee. Besides, for hiring mutual page models for shoots and collaborations, customizing is getting a huge reach strategy. If it comes to internship and job management on behalf of BRAC then for the latest update of sales, the market sharing condition is at a high range now. According to 2018, the revenue and retail sale of Aarong has reached US$120 million through a collaboration of variable products NGO (clothing, jewellery, non-textile craft works).

Aarong Beyond The Border

Aarong has already expanded beyond the border and attained huge popularity in countries like Australia, Germany, and Singapore. According to brand-marketing conditions. Aarong is now exporting various products and orders online to outside countries by online store aarong.com. This brand has made a partnership with DHL by offering delivery within seven business days. Regarding shipping service,’ Aarong’ is given at a free cost to increase the brand strategy into a good policy. In the current situation, there are no special platforms and outlets to export product collections by placing international orders.

Aarong’s Mission And Vision


The mission of Aarong is to provide a unique Bangladeshi lifestyle. Aarong is always there to empower people by promoting Bangladeshi products while protecting our environment at the same time.


The core vision of ‘Aarong’ is to establish it as a global market leader as the most popular and highlighted trade fashion house. The ultimate dream of the brand is to express Bangladeshi culture as a classy traditional trend all over the world.

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