Mass Transportation Startup Jatri Raises $5.25 Million

Jatri, a leading platform for mass mobility in Bangladesh, has successfully raised an oversubscribed Series A investment round, totaling $5.25 million. The round was led by SBK Tech, a Singapore-based venture capital fund, with participation from notable global investors such as ALSA, Genting Ventures, DVC, and Doha Tech Angels, among others. Existing investors also made follow-on investments in this round.

Jatri aims to modernize and digitize the traditional and inefficient mass transit system in Bangladesh, which is primarily reliant on buses. The company offers a full-stack service that provides operators and bus owners with a centralized dashboard, digitizes data, streamlines operations, and enables better resource allocation. Jatri is also focused on integrating digital payment options to transition towards a cashless society, particularly targeting unbanked and underbanked segments of the population.

The digital platform provided by Jatri has resulted in a significant increase in daily sales for bus operators, reducing theft and leakage, and has processed over 100 million ticket sales. Recently, Jatri was announced as the exclusive e-ticketing partner by the Dhaka Road Transport Owners’ Association, further fueling demand for its services from bus operators across the country.

With the new funds from the Series A investment round, Jatri plans to expand its operations to new cities and enhance its existing services. The CEO of Jatri, Aziz Arman, expressed gratitude for the support and trust received from bus owners, operators, and commuters, and aims to continue building momentum towards creating the version of the mass public transport system in Bangladesh.

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