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Ad-Roll Placement

We are open to collaborate with brands and businesses for ad-roll placement on our visual contents. The ad would promote any products or services of your brand. Alongside, a relevant website link and CTA (Call-to-Action) for the campaign will be provided in the video description as well.

Featured Content

It’s a golden opportunity for brands to reach millions without putting much effort. Sponsor a video and get featured. The video itself would be focused on your brand and promote your value.

Dedicated Content

If an ad-roll campaign or a featured content isn’t enough, then here comes dedicated content for you. The content would solely highlight your brand with full insight on the company’s background, journey and so on, based on your preference and negotiation between us.

Company Profile

A bit similar to the previous menu, yet more focused. If it’s the history and appearance of your brand that you would like to promote, then this is the collaboration you’re looking for. This type of content would provide a smart introduction and impression on your brand to the netizens— potentially your customers!

Static Content

Infographic content is the best way to say a lot within a few words or graphics. So, we have brought this opportunity for you to promote your brand with numbers, bars and charts! Then we will spread it through all social media platforms.

Blog Post

Brands and businesses can get written articles featuring them in whole or blogs on any product or service review. Our contents will be optimized for search engines and appear on top whenever your potential customer looks for something relevant to your product or service.

Website Ad Placement

We welcome your brand to appear on our official website. With website ad placement, you can display your brand to thousands of visitors who are roaming around our exclusive contents.

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